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Welcome to the mindset chellenges. Follow these rules and add to your routines. Activate your mind to be ready to perform.

Share your highest scores with me and I can add to our leaderboard. Compete against other athletes from other sports.

Challenge #1 - Reflex Ball

To activate the flow mindset we need to be in stage hyper focus in what we are doing. Eliminate the outside distractions and focus only on what is at task. Also, helps the mind and body stay calm. Do this daily to train this focus and pre-performance to bring a more hyper focus to the front of your brain.

Level 1

Straight 50+ jabs (single or both hands)

Level 2

10 jabs, Single slip and repeat

Level 3

10 jabs, Double slip and repeat

Challenge #2 - Juggling

To activate the flow our mind and body must be as one. Juggling is a great way to bring the hyper connection from your mind, eyes and body. To plan and time the throws to your body reacting to catch and release. Also, you can get easily distracted when juggling to it helps train being present in the moment.

Level 1

2 balls - Target number is 60

Level 2

3 balls - Target number is 30

Challenge #3 - Wall Juggle

This challenge truly activates the hand, eye coordination while bringing a hyper focus to each throw and catch. This challenge is the toughest by great to do pre-performance and get all your senses and muscles moving.

Give it a go once you master the other challenges.

Level 100

3 balls - Max number


1) Watch the 'How to Video' and have a little practice.

2) Complete the same weekly session every morning. Note; you can come back to the previous week session if needed to.

3) Complete the bonus 'Pre-Game Session' prior to training, games or performance moments.

4) Find a calm 10mins & listen with headphones in a quiet space.

5) Trust this process and don't worry if your doing it right, how different it feels or who may be watching you.




Your mindset is the difference between being good and elite.

In a world where every moment counts, your mind is key to unlocking a higher level success, and fulfilment in your performance.

Breathwork is my go to practice for myself and my clients. Athletes from different sports feel a mental shift for my sessions

which opens a more present and aware mindset. The foundation to a successful game... and now it's your turn!

Benefits from this session...

Burst of energy

Present & Calm Mindset

Mind & Body Connection

Confidence & Clarity in your actions

A perspective of... 'I am Ready'

Lastly, you may feel some slight sensations and lightheadedness in this session. Embrace it all as you're 100% safe.

“The only way to maximize performance in life is to maximize performance in the mind.”

A Breathwork Safety

Always practice in a safe environment - never while in water, at heights, or while operating a vehicle. If you have any chronic or acute health issues, please consult a doctor before practicing. If you are pregnant, we do not recommend practicing any breath holds or fast-paced breathing (e.g., 3-part breath, interval breath).

Athlete Breathwork -

Step Into Your Highest Self

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Please respect the owner of this audio. Do not copy or share with anyone without consent of Tim.

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