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'It's like drinking liquid gold'

This organic cacao has been sourced from the spiritual island of gods 'Bali' and blessed through every step from planting through to production, giving it strong spiritual intentions. 


Made from 100% pure cacao beans, it's minimally processed than other cacao products (like cacao powder or chocolate), meaning it has a higher quantity of antioxidants (40 times more than blueberries), phenethlamine (endorphins / neuro-chemicals) & theobromine (which aids cardiovascular, longer / slower energy release, euphoric sensations). Also, great for skin, blood pressure and heart function.

And when all of this comes together, you will experience a calming sensation in your mind and body, enhancing your mood, and opening up your creative side to flow more freely.

Did I mention it's a SUPERFOOD? Yes it is, with no sugar or caffeine. This cacao is a great substitute for coffee. 

Price $35 /  15oz Bag (12-15 Servings)
Delivery costs  to be calculated when ordered (if required)
Cooking Instructions included on packaging
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