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We focus so much on the journey to get to the top, but what happens next? You’re in the pros, and 99% of your teammates and opponents have a similar physical skills to you. The only way to stay ahead at the highest level is to elevate your mindset for sustained growth in all aspects of life and as an elite professional.
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​Tim understands the challenges of remaining at the top of your game, and has helped hundreds of athletes maintain their edge. He knows that you’re all-in, so he’s 110% committed to ensuring that you’re in the right mental frame and energy to improve and handle all challenegs that come your way.

Through a program that is designed to challenge you, support you, and evolve based on what works for you, Tim's approach to self-improvement and performance growth has been proven to work with any sport and any any level.

You’ve got an impressive pro athlete mindset already—but still plenty of room to grow and upgrade your mind to a Hall Of Fame calibre mentality.



PRIVATE COACHING - $1500 / month
3 month minimum commitment
  • ​Daily support and access to Tim

  • Performance tools based on your sport and level

  • Weekly breathwork & visualization sessions

  • Includes his signature Pre-game Breathwork routines

  • Weekly education and progress review calls

  • Daily tools to help level up your motivation in life.

  • Clearly identify goals and values

  • Devise complete plan to achieve athletic and personal objectives

  • Daily planning schedules to make the most of each day

  • Overcome obstacles to remain on track

  • Remain in control of your mental health

  • Mind Growth challenges.

  • Become your best leader (Tim's personal favorite!)

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