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I did the pre-game breathwork for this season and it became the big piece on gameday mornings. My focus on my role, leadership was laser. My confidence grew and this season was my best one yet. Definitely highly recommend it for all athletes.

Sarah Gordon - Athlete (NWSL)

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Bold Journey

Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Tim Hall. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

Tim, we’re so excited for our community to get to know you and learn from your journey and the wisdom you’ve acquired over time. Let’s kick things off with a discussion on self-confidence and self-esteem. How did you develop yours?
Confidence and self-esteem stem from belief — belief in your abilities, your purpose, and, most importantly, in yourself. Our world often distracts us, directing our energy towards others and situations that offer no real benefit in our journey. This can lead to constant comparisons and the tendency to place others on a pedestal, eroding our own emotional well-being.


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6WBRC News

With the mental health wellbeing of prominent athletes like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles having been brought to the forefront of sports conversation this year, it has become immensely clear how vital it is for athletes to have mental health coaching alongside their physical training.

Tim Hall's mission is that all athletes stay on a healthy intellectual journey so they can live up to their fullest life and physical potential.

As one of the first coaches to bring Breathwork into sports training, Tim's unique methods focus on the mental health and stability of an athlete's mindset, rather than just their physical greatness.

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Inspiring Conversations with Tim Hall

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tim Hall.

Hi Tim, thanks for sharing your story with us. Tell us more about what you do?
I was a former Australian Rules Football player, and post playing, becoming a coach for athletes where I saw young people’s mindset filled with self-doubt, getting caught up in their own emotions and allowing negativity to block them from reaching their on-field potential. I could relate so much of these feelings with these athletes, that I knew I could help them to overcome these challenges from my own personal experience.


Voyage LA

Authority Magazine

Tim Hall: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness

An Interview With Candice Georgiadis

As a part of my series about the “5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Hall.

Former Australian Rules Football player and mental health sports coach for 13 years, Tim Hall was named the 2015 Coach of the Year in Australia. Additionally, Tim has been a business entrepreneur for 12 years and is fully licensed in breathwork practice.


Press Release

Tim Hall, Mental-Health Sports Coach And Former Australian Rules Football Player/Coach, Signs With EKC PR

Bringing mental health coaching to the forefront of all sports training practices.


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/

EKC PR has signed mental health sports coach and Breathwork practitioner, Tim Hall of Tim Hall Branding, to its roster of clientele.


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