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Why Mindset Training!
Mental  Health - Stimulate your mind to handle the pressures of your life to find fulfilment and embrace the journey you're on.

Elite Routines & Behaviors – Want to reach your fullest potential? There are no shortcuts  to be the best version of yourself. Elite routines and behaviors will allow you to get to the ideal version of yourself and give you the best chance to reach your full potential.

Get Clarity in your Mission to gain Performance – As we all know, life can throw crazy things your way without warning. But practice does make perfect, and training with a singular purpose can help you weather those difficult moments in life. Coming out on the other side of a turbulent situation will make you more fulfilled and stronger minded.
Overcome Mental Barriers - We all have a protective layer our mind has created. It is exists for a reason, but it can actually hold you back. Being able to welcome challenges, understand why they occur, and overcome them allows you to have a big picture attitude. Thinking in this way, rather than giving into self doubt and worry allows a person to create sustained success.

Build Motivation & Inspiration from within - The best way to succeed in life is to inspire yourself. It can be too easy to fall into the trap of waiting for someone or something to signal that your life needs to change. Feeling determined from within is one of the biggest secrets to maintaining a promising athletic path.

About Tim

Growing up in Australia I loved the outdoors. Playing sports, hiking or going to the beach. Anything involving fresh air, I am in!

But my life wasn't always picture perfect. I was challenged from a young age with school to caring for my unwell mum. Life definitley taught me some tough lessons.

But it was those lessons that started me on my amazing path I am living today. I look back not in regret, but appreciative that my beliefs has giving me the inspiration to be so much more.


'The Initiation' Programs

I have created the GAME- CHANGING programs through many years of education, experience, dedication and success. I have trained hundreds of athletes to help them be at their absolute best on and off the field. My guidance and dedication in your success is my mission and together we will win!

 Champion Mindset Session

  • 2 hour Intense Coaching - be ready to roll!

  • Dissolve obstacles to never hold you back, but in-fact motivate you.

  • Discover why self-inspiration is important for    success & how to unlock it.

  • Take control of your daily actions and become so much more productive in goals.

  • Understand your balanced mindset to live in more control emotionally and mentally.

  • My Signature Breathwork Practice private session.

Fast track your education & hacks to level up your growth mindset to get INSTANT RESULTS . This session has helped Athletes, Entrepreneurs & anyone calling to change their current mindset around self & life.

Contact Tim for more details.


1 on 1 Programs

If you're a high school. college, pro athletes, coach, in business or looking to level up your lifestyle there is a program for you.
We will unlock everything you need to be your elite best and mentally unstoppable. We will be hitting the reset button and creating a path of inspiration to help you discover your highest authentic self in performance and life.

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Breathwork Academy

In a time where so many things are out of our control, our breathing remains one thing that we have full control over.

The day I discovered breathwork and the power of my own breath my life changed. Breathwork has:

·       Adjusted my mindset,

·       Opened creative doors

·       Provided clarity in my life

·       Healed trauma

·       Fast tracked the journey to an authentic version of myself

For Breathwork Academy members, I will upload fresh weekly sessions for athletes stay pumped for training and for the games that matter. Lifestyle sessions will help create positive atmospheres that members can transition into their daily lives to believe that they can achieve their goals.

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Accountability Challenge pic.jpg


This challenge has been used by athletes and business leaders for years as a daily reminder to optimize their daily habits and routines.


Aligned actions are the premier way to achieve your level of desired success. It's easy to sit there and tell yourself what to do, but only the truly aligned are motivated to take actions.

Are you ready to take it to another level?

Accept the challenge today!

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