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  • Dissolve obstacles to never hold you back

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Fast track your knowledge & routine to level up your growth mindset & get INSTANT RESULTS .
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Heading into the program I was very excited to learn a few different tips and lessons around my performance and for him to challenge me to get the most out of myself. But I definitely didn’t expect it to be as good as what I got it. He was always there to talk to or get in contact with at anytime. The 8 week program I just finished with him have learnt so many different tools and lessons and has been a great person to talk to about anything in life. Can't thank Tim enough.

Harry Perryman - AFL
Research shows having a personal development coach will improve...

* Self-confidence                    * Performance                    * Leadership skills 

* Relationships                       * Daily habits                      * Productive Routines

on average by 75%

I did the pre-game breathwork for this season and it became the big piece on game-day mornings. My focus on my role, leadership was laser. sharp. My confidence grew and this season was one of my best yet. Definitely highly recommend it for all athletes.

Sarah Gorden - NWSL
Tim's 4 Focuses as a Coach?

* Strong client / parent relationship          * Instilling confident routines

* Efficient & productive coaching               * Getting Desired Results!

Why Mindset Training?
Enhance Mental  Health - Stimulate your mind to be balanced within. Utilize tools to help grow and shift your thoughts to embrace everyday of your life.

Elite Routines & Behaviors – There are no shortcuts to being the best version of yourself. Elite routines and behaviors is what brings greater productivity and a higher level of actions. Key to consistent success.

Attain Clarity for Optimal Performance - Life presents numerous challenges, but gaining clarity in your mission is paramount. By aligning yourself with a clear focus and strategic planning, you empower yourself to show up every day, take purposeful actions, and level up overall performance.
Break Through Mental Barriers - Our minds have a natural inclination to prioritize safety, but this mindset can limit your progress. It's essential to step outside your comfort zone, embrace challenges, and liberate yourself from past beliefs that hinder your thoughts, decisions, and actions. Developing mental strength is vital for achieving elite success.

Cultivate Inner Inspiration - True inspiration comes from within and cannot be stifled by external factors. When you wake up every day fueled by self-inspiration, you are locked in and driven towards your desired outcomes, regardless of any obstacles. Living with self-inspiration is is a superpower... you're bulletproof!

Tim worked with our teen son for a period of 8 weeks and it was an absolute great experience! The biggest difference we noticed with our son was his shift in attitude. He was able to start focusing more on the positive v. negative. I see this daily with his words and how he reacts to situations and people. My son really enjoyed working with Tim as he felt a real connection as an athlete. He typically doesn't care to have deep discussions and Tim really was able to keep him engaged. I highly recommend anyone to work with Tim as he truly enjoys his work and really is authentic in his approach.

Mariam Yusuf
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