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Committed to your personal growth and performance excellence?
These resources will provide you with a significant advantage on your journey.

Golf Mental Cheat Sheet

Mental Performance Blueprint

Performance Breathing Cheat Sheet


Mental Performance Cheat Sheet.jpg

Mental Performance Blueprint

This is one of my frequently used resources. I rely on this blueprint for coaching every client because it consistently delivers results!

When we integrate additional tools into this blueprint, the growth I witness exceeds even my own expectations. So, if you're aiming for high level outcomes or striving for the big leagues, it's crucial to train your mindset. Countless athletes have looked back on their careers and realized that their mindset held them back. Most people go through life fighting their mindset. Don't become another one, your greatness and fulfilment is one choice away.

Share this blueprint with your family, friends, and teammates to hold each other accountable in your mental growth. I guarantee that if you fully commit to this work, you life will level up in all areas.

"Your mind is your most powerful asset. Invest in its development, nurture its strength, and witness the remarkable heights your performance can reach."

Golf Mental Blueprint pic.jpg

Golf Mental Cheat Sheet

The mind holds the key to achieving your greatest performance success, especially in high-pressure scenarios. As a dedicated mindset coach, my mission is to assist players in unlocking their full potential.

This blueprint is the result of extensive education, insightful conversations, and valuable tips and tools shared by coaches and players. It covers the most effective ways to prepare your mindset for optimal performance.

Feel free to share this blueprint with your friends and teammates so that you can train together. I assure you that by incorporating these techniques into your performance, you will witness significant improvements in your results and enjoyment in the game.

Want to improve golf or any performance mindset?

This is for you!

The clearer your thoughts to an outcome, the better chance you have to execute!

Contact Tim for more information on his Coaching Programs 

Performance Breathing Cheatsheet.jpg

Performance Breathing Cheat Sheet

Discover the transformative power of breath through this complimentary tool. Learn the tips, and benefits of incorporating breathing practices to elevate your current state.


By integrating breathwork into my daily routine, it has revolutionized my thoughts, emotions, and overall approach to life. For a guided experience, explore the BREATHWORK ACADEMY tab and access a free trial.


Dive deeper into the world of breathwork and unlock its potential.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Tim, is ready to provide you with the best advice and guidance on your breathwork journey.

Your breath is the gateway to your mindset and body performance. 

Account Challenge_edited.jpg

Accountability Challenge

For anyone looking to change

their daily habits.

- Take better actions to fast track results.

- Change bad habits holding you back.

- Build a Balanced Mindset.

- Have more clarity & belief in achieving your goals.

- Be in more control of your day & life.

- Be mindful of negative emotions & thoughts.

- More motivation & happiness to inspire you.

- Increase your level of performance output.

What's included when you sign up...

1) Poster size charts to place & record your daily actions & routines.

2) Weekly coaches videos for advice, tips and extra motivation to stay on track.

3) Coaching support through your journey. Our mission is to see you level up your routines.

4) Your chance to
WIN - 3 Weeks of Private Growth Coaching (Value $500) We will notify you of draw dates.


SAVE 20% = $144




SAVE 20% = $80


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