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FREE Morning Breathwork

Breathwork Intro

This sessions are designed to bring you more to a present state to improve your mindset and create a more positive perspective. to your day.

A daily practice trains your sub-conscious mind to connect with your actions through deeper thoughts and beleif.

You will become more clear within, less emotional, confident and inspired!

How to Breathe

  1. Get in a comfortable position seated (most preferred) or lying down.

  2. Listen to my easy-to-follow cues with each breath.

  3. With the mouth breathing, breathe from the back of the throat, not through tight lips.

  4. Keep your eyes close and find stillness is key to a great session.

A Breathwork Safety

Always practice in a safe environment - never while in water, at heights, or while operating a vehicle. If you have any chronic or acute health issues, please consult a doctor before practicing. If you are pregnant, we do not recommend practicing any breath holds or fast-paced breathing (e.g., 3-part breath, interval breath).

Today's Session 


4 sec Inhale nose – 4 sec Hold – 4 sec exhale through the back of  your mouth.


20 mouth breaths with a 20 second exhale hold after the last breath (2 rounds)

Let's Breathe

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