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Step into your new you.


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Athletes and corporate partners I have worked with...

What would be the biggest improvement in your life if you had your own coach every step of the way?

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Hello Friends,

Tim here and excited to share a FREE private call to get you started on your greatest shift in life. A shift to enhance potential and happiness by leveling up your skills and knowledge in all areas of your life.

I've guided step by step, elite athletes, business professionals and I've empowered parents, coaches & individuals seeking a new mindset to feel more control in life with renewed purpose, confidence, success, and happiness.

Don't just take my word for it--here's what some of my satisfied clients have said below.


If you're ready to transform yourself from the inside out, then I'm ready to be your partner on that journey.

As a former Pro Coach I love to give tools you can use and see results.

As your coach I will create an elite culture to inspire all areas of your life.

Book a 15 minute private call with Tim.

Get to Tim, a highly skilled wellness & performance coach and understand his coaching focuses, client stories and his programs.

He wants to hear your story, and the goals you desire, so he can share tips and tools to help fill in the missing gaps and start you on your journey to a greater you and achieve a greater life.

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